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Version 35.0
version 33.3
Version 36.0
Version 37.0
Version 38.0
Version 39.0
Version 34.0
Version 40.0
Version 41.0
Claiming on mobile devices using a browser
iOS Application
Android Application
Version 42.0
Importing credit card statements and matching to claimants
Windows Application
Version 43.0
Frequently Asked Questions
Business Continuity
My authorising manager is incorrect
MyExpenses Customer Care
Point Progress Data Protection
Data & Security Information
Updating home/work address
Requesting a new category
My claims have been approved, but have not yet been paid
Company Overview
Support & Service Level Agreements
Information Governance
Does MyExpenses have any additional modules or functionality?
How does MyExpenses send data to our Finance/Accounts system?
Can MyExpensesOnline validate expense claims for us?
What is the Server Interface Application?
What is the Scan & Attach Application?
What is Report Manager?
Version 44.0
Daily digest email reminders
Automatic upload of bank statements – Security update
Version 45.0
Version 46.0
Version 47.0
Version 48.0
Report Manager
Adding a delegate (Admin)
Adding a delegate (Claimant)
Quickbooks Interface OAuth Credentials
Adding a proxy user
Changing Licence Server URL - DX Manager for Sage
Version 49.0
Mileage Types
Authorising manager changes
Incorrect web address
Version 50.0
Claim Category - Daily allowance for meals rates
Adding / Amending rates for daily allowance categories
Claim Category - Trips
Claim Category - Car Hire
Version 51.0
Version 52.0
Version 53.0
User Reports
Manager Reports
Expense Team Reports
Duty of Care
Duty of Care - Admin
Documents & Messages
System Notifications
Mileage date range
Mileage policy
Undeleting Expense Claims
Version 51.2
Setting up SPF for MyExpenses to send email on behalf of your email domain
Version 51.3
Version 51.4
Mobile Release History
Android 3.0
Windows 1.2
iOS 1.11
Version 51.5
Windows 1.1
iOS 1.10
Android 2.3
Windows 1.0
Recalling Expense Claims
Version 54.0
Windows 2.0
Version 55.0
How do I edit my claim when my claim is rejected?
Version 56.0
iOS 2.0
Version 57.0
Version 58.0
Version 58.0
Version 59.0
Creating a new claim
ReceiptStash Approval View
Version 59.3
iOS 2.1
Adding Receipts
Version 60.0
Version 60.0
Version 61.0
Version 62.0
Version 63.0
Android 4.0
Version 65.0
Version 66.0
Version 67.0
Update to the Dashboard / Welcome screen
Version 68.0
Version 69.0
Version 70.0
version 71.0
Version 72.0
Add claim category to a group of users
Applying account adjustments
Amending emails from the system
Version 73.0
Category group admin screen
Version 74.0
Software Compatibility
Version 75.0
Fuel card / expense mileage entry
ReceiptStash MEO Mobile application (Android)
ReceiptStash MEO Mobile application (iOS)
Entertainment category attendee types
Version 76.0
Version 77.0
Adding bank details
Version 78.0
Version 79.0
Version 80.0
Version 81.0
MEO Receipt Audit
Version 82.0
OCR receipt reading
Version 83.0
Version 84.0
Using Receipt Stash
Version 85.0